Festoon Plasma LED Number Plate Bulbs (Pair)

Festoon Plasma LED License Plate Bulbs (pair)


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Product Description

Festoon Plasma LED License Plate Bulbs (Pair)

Xenon White / Blue  Interior or License Plate lights – 31mm  / 36mm  / 39mm  / 42mm

Festoon Plasma LED License Plate Bulbs are ultra bright and replace standard bulbs of similar length that are usually used for:

– License plate bulbs
– Interior courtesy lights (front and back)
– Curb lights (in the doors)
– Boot/Luggage compartment

Plasma LED is offering double the brightness output of traditional LEDs while offering superior heat dissipation and greater luminosity.

Sealed, moisture-proof casings are extremely resistant to vibration, and because substrate in the bulb does not get consumed during use, it will typically last a lifetime once installed on your vehicle.

These also benefit from being:

– Low Power
– Ultra Bright

Please Note: The LED’s have + and – Poles. So if it they don’t work pop them out and try them the other way around and that will solve the problem.

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Festoon Plasma LED License Plate Bulbs (Pair)

Additional Information

Bulb size

31mm (CFT31MMPLS), 36mm (CFT36MMPLS), 39mm (CFT39MMPLS), 42mm (CFT42MMPLS)

Color Temperature

White (WH), Blue (BL)