HID xenon lights are much brighter than standard halogen lights.

HID xenon lights are better than Halogen

What are the main advantages of #HID xenon lights:

3X Brighter & more consistent illumination of the road!
Increases visual comfort & reduces fatigue when driving at night
4300K Produces white light that is safer because it is closer to natural daylight
35% less power consumption, thus generating much less heat during operation
Fresh, new, and stylish look of your vehicle!

Easy plug & play installation!

HID xenon lights
The truth is that the higher the color temperature, the less visible light output from the HID bulbs  4300K is the brightest color there is to the human eye.  Each 1000K up from 4300K, you lose about 10% visibility in exchange for color, you have to keep that in mind.

However, all HID lights is much brighter than Halogen, even if it’s a 35W 8000K HID bulb, the light output still maintains well over 2700lm; which is still brighter than 55W Halogen with 700lm.


Comparison of HID bulbs VS Halogen:


HID bulbs produce  10 times more  light (over 200,000cd vs.  20,000cd for halogen)
HID bulbs life is 8 to 10 times longer than halogen bulbs (2750 hours vs.  300 hours)
HID bulbs produce 4 times more light than halogen bulbs (3200lu vs.  800lu)
HID bulbs use less wattage than halogen bulbs (35w vs.  55-85w)
HID bulbs produce a less visually fatiguing output than halogen (less infrared and UV light)
HID bulbs produce a higher Kelvin light output, being whiter than the output of a halogen bulb illuminates the road better at night and daytime.
HID bulbs produce a much wider and deeper beam pattern than halogen bulbs.
HID systems are not expensive when compared to your visibility at night and your safety!
Halogen vs HID Xenon

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