HID headlight kits

 is providing Highest quality HID headlight kitsHID headlight bulbsLed headlight bulbs and Off road lights for all types of vehicles, motorcycles and other equipment. Upgrade your factory halogen headlights to enhanced HID Kit headlamps. Our HID kits are compatible with most vehicles on the road today. All kits we sell are tested in USA and comply all international standards. That makes us ahead of the rest of the HID vendors on the market.

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HID headlight kits


Why our products are superior:
1. Highest quality 
2. Very low failure rate
3. 100% plug & play easy installation
4. 100% waterproof and shock resistant 
5. Tested and shipped from USA, not China
6. Highest quality materials
7. 2 year hassle free warranty
8. Free USA shipping
9. Digital AC quality ballasts
10. 300% more light output comparing to standard halogen bulbs

4 different ballast types: Standard ballast (35W), slim ballast (35W), Super Slim Ballast (55W) and CANBUS ballast (35W). Our high quality ballasts have heat, water, vibration resistance. All of our ballasts and HID kits are plug & play, so they are easy to install.

At Vanix.net we sell HID kits with different color bulbs to satisfy your needs. Color temperatures include:
4300k (Pure White), 6000k (Crystal White), 8000k (Ice Blue) 10000k (Purple Blue), 12000k (Violet purple).
4300k (Pure white) is the standard color for factory OEM HID bulb equipped vehicles.
We also have special color bulbs for show cars – 25000K (deep blue and deep purple).

HID headlight kits

Unlike cheap Chinese HID kits, our product has 2 year warranty and one of the best quality standards on the USA market.

We are open 24/7, 7 days a week, and will always provide you highest quality customer service.

100% Free shipping all across USA!

We ship out the products within 24 hours!

Choose us and you wont regret it!

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HID headlight kits