Dodge,Toyota,Gmc,Ford,Bmw best hid conversion kit, hid kit

Our Highest quality Dodge, Toyota, Gmc, Ford, Bmw best hid conversion kit, hid kit and LED lights are easy to install, plug & play installation, will change your standard halogen bulbs to a modern looking HID light! Your car will look modern and fresh with the color you select from our premium color range!

Shop by vehicle for Dodge, Ford, GMC, Acura, Toyota, Chrysler, Jeep, BMW, Audi, Chevrolet hid kits, led lights, HID accessories and much more! We have All bulb types, for All car makes and models!

We ship only from USA, ALL our products are tested and are of highest quality on the USA market!

Dodge,Toyota,Gmc,Ford,Bmw best hid conversion kit, hid kit
Dodge,Toyota,Gmc,Ford,Bmw best hid conversion kit, hid kit

HID Ballasts – we offer you different types of ballasts:
35W – standard HID ballast, 35W Slim – slim ballast, 55W Super Slim ballast – provides 20% more power to the HID bulbs, which provide 30-40% more brightness comparing with the 35W HID kit. Canbus ballast – our top of line HID ballast, which has built in capacitors, which will eliminate any error or flickering issue an onboard computer system.
HID Capacitors/Resistors – if your car dashboard warning lights will go off on vehicles with computer controlled headlamp when an aftermarket HID system is installed, or your car has flickering issue. This is common in newer vehicles and European makes. Simply install a pair of capacitors with your HID kit.
HID Relay Harness – some vehicle’s electrical system may require a relay harness. If the vehicle has automatic or daytime running lights it may help to resolve potential flickering issues, in addition to lights not turning on when connected to the HID kit. The relay harness will help regulate the power and keep the lights on when turned to the “on” switch. Relay harness provides a constant power output to the ballasts and bulbs.

At our shop we will find the bulb type you need for any vehicle!
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