Dodge RAM HID conversion kits – highest quality xenons!

Remember – HID xenon kits for Dodge RAM provide brighter light and a wider visibility pattern, reducing strain on the driver‘s eyes. Durably constructed and exhaustively tested for temperature resistance and impact, vibration and water resistance, HID lamps are built to last, saving drivers time and money in replacement and maintenance.
Our highest quality bi xenon premium hid conversion kit will provide your Dodge vehicle with the most powerful hid headlights.
Our Highest quality DODGE HID kits and LED lights are easy to install, plug & play installation, will change your standard halogen bulbs to a modern looking HID light! Your car will look modern and fresh with the color you select from our premium color range!
With our HID kits your car wont have any flickering and error messages, our CANBUS digital ballast or 55w ballast will fix these issues.
CANBUS ballast is our top of line HID ballast with the most advance built in component that will eliminate any issue a vehicle’s computer system have with aftermarket HID.
The Canbus ballast also produces the light output (lumens) almost equivalent to 55w while only using 35w and the quality of the ballast is equivalent to OEM ballast.

Choose Vanix.Net highest quality HID kits and you won’t regret!

Be prepared for dark autumn evenings! Buy for $200 or more and get 10% discount today!

Dodge RAM HID conversion kits - highest quality xenons!

Dodge RAM HID conversion kits - highest quality xenon kits!