Standard high quality ballast (35w): Standard size ballast with 35wattage going to the HID bulb.
Premium powerful high quality ballast (55w): Provides 20% more wattage to the HID bulb, which provide 30-40% more brightness comparing with the 35w HID kit.
Standard slim high quality ballast (35w): Slim ballast which is about half the size of a regular ballast and it is also 35w, frequently used for installation on vehicle that is more compact in the engine area for easier installation.
CANBUS highest quality ballast (35w): Our top of line HID ballast with the most advance built in component that will eliminate any issue a vehicle’s computer system have with aftermarket HID.

This ballast has the built in cancellers and will also help with flickering issues that some vehicles may experience.

The Canbus ballast also produces the light output (lumens) almost equivalent to 55w while only using 35w and the quality of the ballast is equivalent to OEM ballast.

A very high quality HID Kit recommend for all year, make, and model vehicle.
We recommend this ballast for all new vehicles.